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Beyond Sun Protection

Pioneers in the fusion of suncare, makeup and skincare – Colorescience, is the only premium “all-in-one” makeup for women who don’t want to compromise health for lasting beauty.

Colorescience® delivers healthy beauty solutions that are backed by science, allowing every woman to feel confident and empowered in her skin. Going beyond UV protection, Colorescience® believes in preventing skin damage before it starts with their clinically-tested formulas that are trusted and recommended by physicians and patients alike. Using cutting-edge innovation to formulate with the best ingredients, Colorescience® delivers immediate and long-term results that provide confidence and reassurance to women of all ages, skin types, and concerns.

Powered by EnviroScreen Technology, these 100% mineral sunscreen products go way beyond UV to shield from pollution, blue (HEV) light, and infrared radiation.

The Colorescience® difference


  • 365-day skin health: Treat, correct, protect, and enhance built into every formulation for daily use

  • The highest levels of physical protection from UV rays and environmental stressors on the market

  • Proven ingredients and natural extracts used at therapeutic and dermatologist-approved levels to nurture and improve skin health for years to come

  • Pure Natural Minerals -ideal for sensitive or breakout-prone skin types

  • Physical Protection scientifically proven levels of zinc oxide and titanium dioxide designed to reflect harmful rays from reaching your skin

  • Breathable Barrier - Pure water-resistant formulas form a protective barrier on skin, preventing moisture loss

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